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Hey, I’m Chris and MiataBolts our family-run business based in North Carolina. We’re a family of Miata enthusiasts ever since my first speeding ticket (yes, believe it or not), in a black ’96 Miata at 17-years-old. 

MiataBolts.com was born out of my own desire for new hardware kits while assembling my current turbo NB project. After many nights of researching and learning more than I ever thought I’d know about bolts, I created a few hardware kits for my own vehicle.

After sharing some of these kits that I assembled with fellow enthusiasts, it was apparent there was a demand. I now assemble these kits from my garage, and almost all of the proceeds simply goes back into the project car.
While we’re just a humble hardware business, I hope the convenience of these kits is one less thing you have to worry about, and I’m super glad to be able to provide something of value to the community I admire so much.

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